Welcome to Jaipur: Katherine Travels to India

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The Pink City

Katherine selected a small artisan factory in Jaipur, India, known as The Pink City, to make her designs by hand with her ethical philosophy. In today's day and age, so many famous brands use mass manufactured machine-made jewelry in unethical sweatshops, whereby both the quality and ethics are compromised for profit margins. 

By mobilizing this factory in Jaipur, she connected with talented artisans and their managers for vetting purposes on the topics of business and philanthropy to ensure every piece of Katherine Parr Jewelry is made with the values we all share: empathy for people and the planet.

"Jaipur offers tremendous talent and hospitality as a country with rich history and culture. I am proud to work with a facility whereby their artisans are treated with the utmost respect." 

The People

The artisans with whom Katherine works  are part of our global family. They are highly skilled and trained to create the quality Katherine requires while being treated better than most other employees of the fashion and jewelry industry. The artisans receive higher than living wage, continuous skills education, as well as health insurance for themselves and their entire families.

Katherine Parr aims to be an example of ethics and empathy in the supply chain with her business practices through and through. We take a stand against the inequalities and human rights insufficiencies in much of the global luxury goods and agriculture industries.

The Planet

While we do focus on artisan empowerment as a core value we do consider the environment. For example the stones we use are cut and faceted by hand, using traditional methods of stone cutting, with precision and attention not found in the machine cutting practices in certain countries. This not only means the methods of production of our special stones are individual, not mass produced, but the amount of discarded waste found in machine cutting practices are nearly eliminated. Our jewelry bags are made of up cycled silk from the New York fashion industry and made by at-risk immigrant women in Harlem.

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