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Unity and Diversity Collection - Turquoise Mountain

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Over the Moon


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Fashioned by Nature

Inspiration for this collection comes from the beauty of the natural world. Elements of stones like watermelon tourmaline slices and lapis lazuli share space with motifs such as the wheat sheaf, feather, and lotus flower make you feel like you have just walked through the forest, the wetlands, or the fields where they grow and harvest wheat to make bread to feed the family.


Persian Empire

What was once the home of the Persian Empire is now comprised of various natures including war zones. Katherine's partnership with Turquoise Mountain empowers culture and art through the use of design elements of Persian symbols like the sun and moon,  and stylistic features such as the open-ended bracelets. We are proud to empower the artisans and community who make the jewelry through economic empowerment, with stones found locally.


Walk To Freedom

This rare artifact from South Africa as been reclaimed, electroplated with metals and heavily coated with yellow gold. The story here is an impressive journey applicable to many who seek their freedom and human rights.


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