Jewelry inspired by travel and adventure.


Jewelry Designer Katherine Parr

Katherine Parr is inspired by her travels around the world and philosophy of ethics and sustainability.

About US

With a degree in business, Katherine traveled the world as a fashion model, gathering inspiration and heritage from countries around the world.

Now time on her eponymous jewelry brand, Katherine has worked with artisans in South Africa, Jordan, Afghanistan, and Rajasthan, India.

Katherine Parr Jewelry is an haute bohemian jewelry brand showcasing designs with a global aesthetic, drawing inspiration from travel and ancient cultures around the globe. Designed in New York City, Parr's unique pieces capture the essence of ancient empires while incorporating a contemporary spin, creating modern classics.

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Philosophy of PURE LUXURY

Learn about how we are maintining fair trade and eco-friendly practices that uphold your values.

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Katherine Parr jewelry was recently featured on the cover of Elle magazine.

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