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Katherine Parr Jewelry is modern sustainability paired with cultural history.

About The Brand

Our Philosophy of Pure Luxury

Green is not a new concept for Katherine Parr. We have always cared about both people and the planet, since starting design discussions with Turquoise Mountain in Afghanistan in 2016. Learn more about our ethical philosophy and why "Pure Luxury" is not just a fad for the season in our studios and artisan workshops.

Our Philosopy

About Katherine Parr

Katherine's journey runs the gamut between fashion runways and developing nations. Her global exposure to culture and diversity prepares her to provide you with this caliber of jewelry. Her personal story shows that caring about people has been in her blood since she was a child.

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Recent Media Mentions

Turquoise Mountain Trust recently featured Katherine with regard to her work with their artisans and upcoming collection with Turquoise Mountain Jordan. 

Beginning in autumn of 2016, Katherine started design discussions with their Kabul outpost, working with artisans in a war zone and this is how the brand began.

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