Throughout history, gemstones have been revered & 

treasured for their aesthetic beauty & spiritual properties. 


Agate comes in many different colors, partly what gives it its popularity and use in history, in addition to its powerful properties. Each color has it own unique properties but overall, agate soothes our mental state, which improves concentration and overall stability.


Amethyst is one of the most powerful gemstone and widely used for its healing properties. In history, amethyst has been praised for its luxurious appearance and was found in the crowns and scepters of many ancient civilizations. This stone, ranging from light lilac to deep purple is mostly used for achieving balance. Amethyst relieves stress and clears the mind of negativity.


Aventurine is the stone of good luck and opportunity. It is said to bring prosperity into the life of the wearer. The name comes from the Italian word “Aventura”, meaning “by chance”. With its unique green color and positive influence, Aventurine is an essential in everyone’s collection.


Carnelian is a powerful stone with a long history. In ancient Egypt, those in search of ridding negative feelings – such as anger or jealousy – wore carnelian rings. Its warm coloring and smooth exterior make it a popular choice for modern jewelry as well. This stone also restores vitality and self-trust and is used today for supporting courage for anxiety-producing situations, such as public speaking.


Chrysocolla has been used for helping attain calm for centuries. Cleopatra was known for wearing this stone for its powers of increasing sensitivity and compassion, while retaining femininity. Chrysocolla is the perfect stone to use when starting on a new path in life because it will center you and allow you to take on challenges with ease.


In line with its bright coloring, citrine is said to bring joy into the wearer’s life. It is a comforting stone, encourages positive thoughts, promotes a wider imagination, and aides in manifestation. This stone was wildly popular in the 1940s, and often appeared in the jewelry of this decade. Today, citrine is still widely loved for the warmth and happiness it brings.


Diamonds are a gem we all gush over, their sparkle is truly hard to resist. Many people don’t know, however, that diamonds possess healing properties in addition to them being ascetically pleasing. Diamonds represent purity and reduce emotion pain, instead bringing the wearer love and clarity. Diamonds have had a reputation throughout history as a beautiful yet expensive luxury.


Historically, people who cut and polished stones often used emerald to relax their eyes after extended periods of time focusing on their work. Today, emerald still relieves eyestrain. Its beautiful, deep green hue sets it apart from other stones as well as its ability to increase the wearer’s mental clarity and potential help this person see the future!


Red garnet is the most commonly used form of garnet and can be found on every continent. This powerful stone has the ability to cure illnesses and provide wearers with energy, passion, and vitality. One can find it in the form of jewelry in many ancient Egyptian tombstones. According to history, King Solomon wore garnet into the battle for protection.

Green Garnet

Green garnet is a deep forest-green color, whose properties are similar to that of a thriving forest. Green garnet harvests growth and is a powerful took in creation and development. This stone – a competitor to emerald – was discovered in the 1960s in East Africa, and has been a popular choice ever since.


Iolite is a stone of journey and discovery. It can increase self-assurance throughout challenging times in our lives as well as ease the process of making a decision, either big or small. This stone is known as the Vikings’ Compass” because – according to legend – the Vikings used an iolite lens to determine the location of the sun, leader to safer travels.


Kunzite is a pale pinkish-lavender crystal. It is known for its affect on the wearer’s emotions. It connects mind and heart, serving as the perfect gift for new mothers or others who may be facing a struggle. It is a fairly new crystal, only discovered about 100 years ago. Despite this, its beautiful color and shiny finish have gained it widespread popularity.


Labradorite has a unique, multi-colored appearance consisting of mainly greens and blues. This stone is useful in transformative periods of our lives and provides the wearer with a sense of purpose and spirituality. Labradorite enforces trust in ourselves and the universe’s plans and many people believe that it has a connection with the Aurora Borealis due to its galaxy-life exterior.

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis is a deep, saturated blue rock containing several minerals. Lapis has been used for thousands of years in jewelry, as well as in bowls and hair combs. This stone is known for encouraging truth, compassion, and self-awareness.


Moonstone represents positivity. It brings happiness, inner-growth, love, hope, and more. It has a soft, glowing appearance that has made it very popular throughout history. Some have even believed it was made out of moonbeams, which is how it got its name. It was worn particularly during full moons to boost good fortune, but today, people wear it every day, without special occasion.


This dark stone is known as a “warrior” stone for its ability to rid the wearer of fear and worry. Onyx is the best stone for finding inner-strength and conquering one’s fears. Historically, Onyx has been used for a wide variety of things; such as easing pain in childbirth, influencing harmonious relationships, and - according to Indian and Persian history – protection against evil.


Pyrite, also referred to as Fool’s Gold because of its similar appearance (but fortunately, not cost!) is a protective stone. In Greek, “pyr” means “fire”, illustrating pyrite’s ability to spark life into the nervous system when one is feeling tired and overworked. Pyrite also gives the wearer power to detect falsehood in others and overcome feelings.


The ruby has been known in history for both its beauty and value. A Chinese emperor once offered an entire city for a large ruby. Rubies are a stone of passion and prosperity and allow the wearer to gain a greater sense of self-confidence in his or her inner strengths and outward appearances.


The sapphire is known as the stone of wisdom and provides the wearer with the ability to gain spiritual and intellectual knowledge. It is one of the best stones for calming the mind and is sacred in many religions. Buddhists believe the sapphire can bring enlightenment. In Jewish history, King Solomon wore a talisman containing a sapphire. 

Black Quartz

Black quartz is known to increase the size of one’s aura and can be used to prompt healing. Because of its origination in the Himalayan Mountains – a sacred location – the stone possesses great spiritual properties. It is also said that sleeping with the black quartz can prevent negative dreams.

Rose Quartz

Rose quartz holds a great amount of soft, feminine energy. This particular shade of quartz perfect for moments one longs for love. Rose quartz provides tenderness and nourishment and is powerful in attracting new relationships, both romantic and not. This stone is also fabled to be an aphrodisiac and to have the ability to restore harmony in existing relationships.

Rutilated Quartz

This unique-looking stone – complete with shard-like stripes within its honey-gold exterior – is essential for understanding the ups and downs of life. When rutilated quartz appears in someone’s life, it is for a reason. This stone symbolizes transformation and clarifies the aspects of our lies that are a bit murky.

Smoky Quartz

Although similar to black quartz in its dark, crystal-like appearance, smoky quartz is best for relieving stress and anxiety and heightens survival instincts. Historically, smoky quartz appeared in many Scottish daggers for protection.

White Quartz

White quartz – also called milky or snow quartz – represents purification. White quartz increases concentration and decreases prejudices, giving the wearer an overall sense of moderation and daily joy. Quartz is one of the most common minerals; many use it in countertops because of its quality and clean appearance.

Black Tourmaline

Tourmaline comes in various colors. We utilize black tourmaline in our creations because of its protective powers. Black tourmaline is cleansing and rids the wearer of negativity. Centuries ago, magicians used this stone to protect them from evil when they cast spells. Today, it is useful for grounding during meditation or as protection against negative energy in every day life.

Pink Tourmaline

Pink tourmaline is a stone of emotion. It inspires feelings of love and compassion, especially in regards to children. It is also beneficial for the heart by aiding in recovery of heartbreak and heart attacks. One can charge tourmaline by rubbing it and creating heat, which makes it even easier to attain its benefits.

Watermelon Tourmaline

The combination of green and pink tourmaline makes watermelon tourmaline unique because it possesses its own set of healing properties. It has a reputation for being a balancing stone that calms intense emotions. This stone is perfect for ridding the wearer’s life of bad energy and easing overwhelming feelings.


Turquoise has a strong, vibrant appearance and its benefits including bringing calm and balance to the wearer’s life. The name hints at turquoise’s history as an item often sold in Turkish bazaars. Turquoise encourages the release of regrets and reduces stress. It also retains friendship and protects from injury.