Mother's Day Gift Curation

'Tis the season for giving. After a year of new inspiration, creativity, and collaboration, we present a few go-to recommendations for taking care of your loved ones this holiday season.

Please be anything but boring

(hint: no wine or candles!):




For Mom

An item from the new Unity and Diversity Collection made by artisans in Afghanistan by Turquoise Mountain enables one to give a gift that is both decorative and meaningful as well as gives a terrific story to share in exchange for the inevitable compliments she will receive.

Alternately, choose an option from the Global Symbolism Collection to signify a particular milestone in life, such as the bells for beginnings or endings or the lotus which signifies rebirth and renewal. The Queen Chess piece is an empowering and educational symbol for both young girls and grown ladies alike.

Looking for something really special? Try something from the Fine Jewelry collection for mom or another loved one- imagine the joy of watermelon tourmaline slice earrings set with gold and diamonds...delicious!