Whether you are dressing for an oceanside dinner or lying poolside in a chic swimsuit, accessories are a constant all year round.  Jewelry, specifically, is a great way to add personality to any outfit. And with less bulk to your ensemble in the warmer months, it is the perfect time to experiment with different styles. 

After 2020, we could all use some fun in our lives., so channel your inner-child this summer and have fun with your accessories! 

Here are four must-try jewelry trends for this summer to help you do just that. 

Get Colorful.

Summertime and bright colors belong together. There is something about the shining sun and spending time outdoors that lend themselves perfectly to adding color with your accessories. It’s youthful, playful, and almost impossible to do wrong. The more colors the better! 

Don’t know where to start? Look up your birthstone for a color that is near and dear to you.  Add different hues to your jewelry with the pieces below.

Diversity Rocks Bracelet



Diversity Shoulder Duster Earrings



Watermelon Tourmaline Adjustable Necklace


Make a Statement.

An open neckline practically begs to be adorned with a statement necklace -- as does a bare wrist, or lovely fingers. Statement pieces, from chunky necklaces to heavy rings, 

are ideal for summer because they cover more surface area without a fuss. This summer, shop the statement jewelry below for the most beautiful one-and-done looks. 

Egyptian Mehi Statement Ring

Diversity Rocks Necklace

Curb Chain Lariat

Mix and Match.

Along the same lines as our first trend, getting colorful, summer is also the perfect time to mix materials. What better to add some interest to a plain camisole or a pair of simple shorts? This summer, 

dare to mix metals and even add pearls, beads, and gemstones into the mix. Check out the styles below to hop on this look, your jewelry collection will thank you.

Persian Sun Necklace

Mother Nature's Stud Earrings

Freshwater Baroque Pearl Charm

Stack It Up.

Layered necklaces have been popular for the past few seasons and this summer is no different. But, it’s time to rethink what stacked jewelry means because it goes far beyond the neckline. Now that we are out in the real world, no longer just a box on Zoom, 

bring stacking from your ears down to your fingertips with jewelry adorning every available inch. The styles below can (and should) be added to your current repertoire and keep in mind, more is always more with this trend. 

Ama Bangle Bracelet

Akila Ring Set

Candy Cabochon Charm Necklace