The Story

Designs feature sophisticated shapes and motifs, with colorful stones and accents, as well as running the gamut of diversity between delicate and statement pieces. Themes of inspiration and philosophy surround sustainability and social consciousness with the themes of global citizenship and empathy, humanity and human nature, with global cultural and historical veins.
An artist since childhood, Katherine was lucky to begin her career with work as a fashion model. She left a career in fashion with intent, and spent five and a half years as a schoolteacher and social entrepreneur in a domestic inner city. While working with a population of international and domestic children, she developed some art and a collection of jewelry, inspired by the beautiful diversity of her students as well as her international travels as a model.
Katherine's art and jewelry was shown at a gallery in Barcelona and has been worn by public figures. Katherine now resides in New York City. 
Each purchase of jewelry helps create employment through a transparent and ethical supply chain. Philanthropic donations are made in the communities where the artisans reside, including scholarships for girls in the war zone of Kabul, Afghanistan; creating a partnership with the Nelson Mandela Foundation in Cape Town, South Africa, and UNICEF in New York City.
Enjoy interviews below to join the journey of the Katherine Parr brand.