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The Jewels Of… is a new series by GEMOLOGUE, featuring my latest discoveries from the world’s most exciting jewellery designers and their spectacular creations – stunning jewels you will want to add to your own personal jewellery collection. Discover why I love The Jewels Of Katherine Parr.

THE DESIGNER: A huge thank you to more than 5000 lovely people who tuned into my Life Instagram Interview with Katherine Parr. Something of a fashion sensation, Katherine Parr was a model before she embarked upon her jewellery career. Upon graduation from the Villanova University in Philadelphia, she was discovered by photographer Patrick Demarchelier and during this time, she picked up a thing or two about creating stylish looks. She has worked as a stylist for some well-known people like Emma Watson, and featured sustainable, artisan jewellery from developing nations in many projects, including a cover of L’Officiel magazine. After fashion came a six-year career as a school teacher and social entrepreneur. Inspired by these experiences and her love of global art, culture, and humanity, she turned her attentions to jewellery. Drawing from the wonderful diversity of children she had worked with across the world, she created a beautiful portfolio of art and a collection of jewellery showcasing the craftsmanship of artisans in these developing countries.

THE DETAILS: You may have read my jewellery review of Katherine Parr Diversity Rocks Bracelet, and discovered how this wonderful designer creates a stylish aesthetic paired with substance and sustainability. Whether she’s working with rare historical artefacts from Robben Island in South Africa or working with Turquoise Mountain in Afghanistan (founded by HRH The Prince of Wales following the fall of the Taliban), I find her jewellery work fascinating. I cannot wait to see what she creates with her latest jewellery projects with Turquoise Mountain and their outposts in Myanmar and Saudi Arabia.

WHY I LOVE IT: It’s so refreshing to find a jewellery designer that believes in empowering local artisans from developing countries. Katherine Parr’s vision creates jobs for these skilled craftsmen and redefines the meaning of jewellery. Her creations are not just material possessions, but everyday jewellery with a meaningful story and inspiring message.

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