The Freedom Collection:

fine jewelry made from a rare historical artifact.

The Story

Created from original fence from Robben Island prison in South Africa, these one-of-a-kind pieces are a rare and fascinating symbol of freedom, justice, and human rights. Encased in precious metal, I designed a limited edition collection.

Robben Island was a prison for political prisoners during the Apartheid era, and now stands as a reminder of that time and the violation of human rights that characterized the era in South African history. From 1961 Robben Island became a maximum security prison and it was there that Nelson Mandela was incarcerated for nearly 20 years. In 1990 Nelson Mandela was released from prison and in 1994 he became the president of South Africa and a respected world leader. Robben Island is now a museum and UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Robben Island

Fence in original setting

Cut and stylized jewelry





Own and wear a rare and historic artifact.




Whether you are an admirer of history, freedom, or enjoy something special with a unique story, this fence jewelry is rare