These classic hoop earrings and double coin necklace were custom designed specifically for Clarissa; they were handmade through a story of harmony in Jordan under the auspices of Turquoise Mountain. Turquoise Mountain works in conflict zones to create employment and pride mobilizing traditional crafts and preserving heritage. In Jordan, master Jordanian artisans are teaching a variety of apprentice artisans including Syrian refugees, Jordanians, and Palestinians. 

Clarissa Ward, CNN's multi-award-winning journalist often seen covering the most important international stories in dangerous global locations in order to help raise awareness,  is the kind of bold woman for which I design. She is someone of substance and style who wears the meaningful and symbolic jewelry with heart and hope. 

You can learn more about Clarissa below, 
and by reading her latest fascinating book, On All Fronts.

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This American jazz pianist has found cross-over success playing rock and pop music. He is known for his unconventional and physical playing style, which eschews a piano bench and includes reaching inside the piano lid to pull at the strings directly, as well as the creation that he calls "Rockjazz", a genre that "takes the improvisational aspect of jazz and 'threads it through the eye of the needle of rock.'

ELEW has played at The White House, for Prince Albert of Monaco, and is a TED Talks speaker. He is the winner of several awards including the Novus Award at the United Nations for his contributions to the world of arts and music.

These special elegant armor cuffs are aligned with his hip signature style yet add an elegant twist, creating pieces that can be worn . They were custom designed for him, inspired by historic styles of armor suiting at The Metropolitan Museum of Art and The Victoria and Albert Museum. They were first designed with technology then handmade by artisans in Jaipur, India of brass heavily coated in gold and cut glass crystals in antique settings. All using fair trade practices inherent to Katherine's philosophy.

By Jennifer Anderson