What Is Ethical Jewelry?

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Ethics in jewelry is basically about

Responsibility and Traceability, for

People and the Planet.

If the materials in a piece of jewelry are traceable, the customer can make an informed choice about its provenance, the origin of a precious metal or gemstone.

 The toughest factor to monitor is the supply chain traceability. We must consider who made our jewelry and how they were treated from a human rights perspective. The jewelry industry is rife with human rights abuses, from mining to stone sourcing, to manufacturing. The number of hands that touch the average piece of jewelry from start to finish is many. Artisan-not factory-made jewelry is one effective way to maximize and authentic origin and minimize the travels and risks the piece might have. Through strategic global partnerships we ensure that we know exactly who made each piece and the origin of materials as much as possible.

This subject of ethical jewelry can be included in the Conscious Consumerism movement to avoid fast fashion, and lean towards buying with purpose by knowing ‘Who Made My Clothes or Who Made My Jewelry?’ If you haven’t seen The True Cost movie about human rights abuses in fashion, it is a must-see, and to know that similar issues affect the jewelry industry globally.



Communities are influenced by your purchasing decisions.

Do you know who made your jewelry?

What is Conscious Consumerism?

Conscious Consumerism is thoughtful and mindful purchasing. It may be affected by your preference to consider the environment, social implications, human rights, or other factors. Katherine recently gage a TEDx Talk titled "The Road to Economic Empowerment is Conscious Consumerism, inspiring us to "Wear Our Values" instead of contributing to unethical business practices around the world.
















Step 1

Set Your Intention.

Step 2

Do Your Research.

Step 3

Make Smart and Mindful Decisions.

"You can start small, one necklace, one chocolate bar at a time."








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