Ellen Bradley, Fitness Entrepreneur

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Ellen Bradley is a mother, wife, and fitness entrepreneur.
Best known for bringing the renown Modo Yoga practice to the United States years before it was popular with the Victoria's Secret models and celebrities, she has spent the past year traveling the globe with her family to expose her three young girls to "life outside the box."
She aims to raise compassionate global citizens with her husband, professional basketball champ and entrepreneur Michael Bradley.
She is currently in Latin America sharing sports with children in developing nations through her non profit Namaste & Play.

What does style mean to you?
Style is for me is not only the exterior beauty, but style represents your confidence and heart shining from the inside out. Style is a source of inspiration from oneself and others. I always remind my girls that the greatest accessory for any style is your bright smile.
How important are style and substance in your life?
Substance is more important in my life as it connects to the inner being and heart of a person. Style is a reflection of the depth and substance of one’s core values. 
What gives your daily strength and inspiration?
My daily inspiration and strength is gained through my yoga practice.  As a mom, wife, teacher, and studio owner my yoga practice anchors me daily in breathe and the gift of being alive. My practice not only brings me physical strength and well being, but it clears my mind so I can fully connect to my inner strength and spirit. 
Please describe a challenging time you have experienced or seen and how you found your strength? 
The greatest challenge yet deepest source of inspiration was to step away from a comfortable, suburban life and world school our 3 girls. This decision to go against the grain of what society and cultures drives us to do was difficult but incredibly freeing.  We sold our home, cars and majority of “stuff” that filled our home.  As challenging of a decision this was, my intuition led me on this path of authentic living. A path that would teach us to live simply while feeling united and one with the world in all its forms of diversity . This amazing adventure taking 3.3 million steps around the world, has opened the girls eyes, minds, and hearts to the beauty of our world, truly educating them as global citizens. 
What woman do you admire most and why?
Jessica Roberston, teacher, activist, musician, student, and consultant on enlivening yoga philosophy in business and community. Jessica is the co-founder of Modo Yoga International, co-founder of New Leaf Yoga Foundation.
Jess is a true pioneer in the yoga world  who inspires thousands through her compassionate, authentic spirit and open heart living!  She has been a human rights and environmental activist committed to creating and leading a yoga community based on 7 philosophical pillars- Be Green, Be Healthy, Live to Learn, Be Accessible, Be Community, Reach Out, Be Peace.
I am grateful to call Jess a friend, mentor and role model who inspires me to be the best student, teacher, and leader within my three Modo yoga studios. Through her support, I have been grateful to open our Modo studios that are a vehicle of peace and healing for thousands in our city.
What are your words of wisdom that you use to share with others?
Travel Light
Live Light
Spread the Light 
Be the Light
I love to connect my students and my children to their light that shines from within, reminding them that their light will not only illuminate their own journey in life, but it will be a source of light for each person you encounter in this journey of life.

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Learn more about Ellen and her inspiration via her family's website, www.journeyoftheglobe.com and her non profit www.namasteandplay.org, or @journeyoftheglobe on Instagram.

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